FDI Compass was acquired by Conway Data, Inc.

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About FDI Compass

Identify early stage signals that will lead to direct investment projects and global expansions

Stay ahead of competition on every turn with our big data and artificial intelligence solutions
Big Data

We manage millions of sources and data points to deliver quality content before anyone else does.

Artificial Intelligence

Our super smart robots enable us to accurately process huge ammounts of data on a timely manner.

Near Realtime

Market intel and leads are delivered to you in near realtime, with the shortest delay among our competitors.

Economic Development Organizations

Discover the best companies to target your investment promotion efforts and convert more projects to your region.

Professional Services

Find out which companies are in need of your services: consulting, legal, recruitment & headhunting, accounting, etc.


Our team has a solid background in international investment promotion and sales intelligence.

Renato Byrro Founder & Managing Director

Before founding FDI Compass, Renato worked for INDI, an Economic Development Organization, leading outreach efforts in the United States and Western Europe.

He also has experience working as a Software Product Manager for Canal do Credito, a fintech startup, and as a Sales Intelligence Analyst for Votorantim, an industrial conglomerate.

Albert Holmes Product Development Advisor

Albert has over 17 years of experience in Asia in consulting, technology, and financial services industries.

In 2013, Albert founded Ironwood Global Advisors, a foreign direct investment advisory focused on helping communities broaden their investment attraction footprint in Asia.

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